Ron DeSantis Orders FDOT Help Ensure Access to Pine Island by End of the Week

On Sunday, Gov. Ron DeSantis directed the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) to help Lee County ensure access to Pine Island by the end of the week.

DeSantis authorized the FDOT “ to expedite emergency repairs to the road and bridges that provide motorists access to Pine Island” as Hurricane Ian recovery efforts continue.

“FDOT will begin mobilizing equipment, materials, and crews today, with access to Pine Island being restored by Saturday, October 8, 2022. These repairs are needed for first responders and residents to access the island, as well as other recovery efforts such as power restoration and debris removal,” the governor’s office noted. “FDOT’s Cut and Toss crews have cleared over 88 percent of Florida’s roads making transportation corridors passable in most of the state. A temporary road will need to be put in place to reconnect access from the mainland to Pine Island. Once the temporary road is complete, FDOT crews will continue clearing the path through the island to provide safe drivable access for first responders, disaster recovery experts, and residents.”

“The 9,000 residents of Pine Island – some still on the island and those not – are without power, water, and other critical resources needed to recover from Hurricane Ian,” said DeSantis. “FDOT has the workforce and resources needed to quickly restore this road and bridge and allow these families access to their homes so they can start rebuilding their lives.”

“FDOT is committed to serving Florida communities and assisting our partners, especially in such challenging times. Lee County has been a tremendous partner throughout this crisis, and we are glad to support them as they accelerate work to rebuild their community,” said FDOT Sec. Jared Perdue. “The Department is proud to offer our expertise to be able to safely and quickly restore access to the island and get families the vital supplies and services they desperately need.”

Permanent repairs will be started after “immediate recovery efforts have subsided” to replace the temporary roads and bridges.

Kevin Derby
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