Ron DeSantis: State Employees Will Have Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve Off

On Tuesday, Gov. Ron DeSantis announced that state offices will be closed for Christmas Eve and for New Year’s Eve.

“In 2019, we secured historic achievements on behalf of the people of Florida and our dedicated state employees played a critical role in these accomplishments,” said DeSantis on Tuesday. “I am proud to recognize our state employees for their hard work and efforts in this way. The First Lady and I extend our thanks and best wishes to state employees and their families this holiday season and we look forward to an equally productive year in 2020.”

“Critical state employees who are unable to utilize the additional holidays will be afforded the opportunity to use this time at a future date and are encouraged to speak with their direct supervisor,” the governor’s office noted.

“Office closures on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve are in addition to regular office closures on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day,” the governor’s office added.


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