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Sid Roth: Marianne Williamson Vs. Trump, Which One Truly Emanates Dark Psychic Force?

Regarding the Democrat debates, I have this to say: Marianne Williamson is projecting on President Trump the dark psychic force that emanates from her.

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I have investigated the paranormal for over 30 years and host of the worldwide television show “It’s Supernatural!” and am the leading investigative reporter on verified miracles.

Regarding the Democrat debates, I have this to say: Marianne Williamson is projecting on President Trump the dark psychic force that emanates from her.

Marianne Williamson and I share Jewish heritage. Her father’s original last name was Vishnevetsky, but her ‘self-help’ teachings do not at all reflect Judaism. Instead, she has repackaged a western brand of Hinduism by using Christian terms without Christian meanings. She teaches that all men are God, and that sin nor sinners exist, and how to open yourself up to “spirit guides” or “familiar spirits.” Oprah Winfrey actually teaches her course and has made Marianne Williamson’s books best sellers.

I once was interviewed by Oprah Winfrey who angerly retorted to me that you cannot be Jewish and believe in Jesus. But I say Marianne Williamson cannot be Jewish or Christian, based on what she teaches.

So, contrary to the adulation and applause she received after accusing President Trump of emanating dark psychic force, it was she, Marianne Williamson, who is wielding occult forces with her teachings and her false accusations against President Trump. What’s worse, her courses open people up to to the same dark secret force.

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When it comes to things beyond the five senses, we need to be careful to discern if it is of God or Satan. Just because something appears to be a miracle, doesn’t necessarily mean it came from God. I have seen many miracles of God and documented them on my television program, It’s Supernatural! We are very diligent on what we air so that we don’t inadvertently lead people astray to the dark side if you will.


Sid Roth hosts of the television show “It’s Supernatural!” which is watched by more than 2 million of people worldwide per com Score/Rentrak, putting him ahead of Rachel Maddow’s comScore 1.2 million viewers. Sid may be found at or on YouTube where he has 850,000 subscribers.



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  1. Diane

    June 4, 2020 at 3:20 pm

    I have heard Oprah Winfrey proclaim that she is spiritual, but, I had no idea that she’s into dark spiritual world. I would hope that she accepts Jesus Christ as her saviour because if she continues with dark spirituality that can only bring about negative energy and trouble. God Bless Oprah Winfrey and God Bless America!!!

  2. Mary Josephson

    June 15, 2020 at 4:53 am

    There are lots of people now choosing to tap into dark spiritual beliefs and practices. It is very easy nowadays to become involved in crystal worship or even become a witch! Everything is so easily accessible now. Its all so terrifying! God is not pleased!!

  3. Carol Hamilton

    September 4, 2020 at 6:03 pm

    Try reading Rebbeca Browns book about witchcraft. Witchcraft is real and I think many who sit for this beautiful country of ours are high up in its ranks. Godly people don’t kill unborn babies, and close their eyes to the corruption that has overtaken America. Wake up church and all you good people , don’t sit idly by and see destruction come on us, turn back to our loving God.

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