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Survey Finds Politics, COVID Among Most Annoying Topics to Discuss With Co-Workers

A survey from Quality Logo Products shows 90 percent of Americans work alongside an annoying co-worker.

The survey of 1,902 American employees focused on what they find annoying about their co-workers, including topics of conversation.

The top three issues workers found annoying to discuss with other employees were politics (48 percent), COVID (46 percent) and religion (36 percent).

The survey found the top 5 most annoying habits from co-workers.

1. Interrupting during virtual meetings and conversations with other workers

2. Taking credit for someone else’s work

3. Oversharing personal stories or hobbies

4. Not doing their work.

5. Arrogance.

The study found that 68 percent of employees have confronted a coworker about them being annoying. Co-workers that have a messy area, come to work sick all the time, talk loudly on the phone and eat smelly food also prove major annoyances.

Even working from home doesn’t seem to work as a majority of those surveyed–55 percent–are annoyed with co-workers even as they work remotely. Still, 48 percent find their co-workers less annoying in a remote setting. Despite that, 70 percent of those surveyed say instant messaging programs can lead to annoyances, including co-workers sending too many GIFs.

More than half of those surveyed–60 percent–think entry and mid-level co-workers are the most annoying. Asked if they ever considered leaving a job due to an annoying co-worker, 57 percent said yes.


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