Synan Says: The Real Top 25 in College Football, Week 2

I have a hashtag that I use when it is just one of those stories that can only originate from Florida. I just simply put #OhFlorida in my social media when I highlight something like the Florida man getting run over by a car trying the “In My Feelings” challenge or the guy who called 911 for a ride to Hooters.

It’s time to use that hashtag for the state of football in the Sunshine State. After what I saw from Florida and Florida State this week, paired with Miami last week, football in the Sunshine State is as bad as I can remember it. #OhFlorida. For a second straight year, there’s a good chance the banner game in the state be UCF against USF on Black Friday.

Let’s start with Florida and its complete inability to run the ball in losing to Kentucky for the first time in the last 32 meetings. It was worse on the defensive side. The Gators allowed Kentucky to run for more than 300 yards! A stalwart defense used to be able to bail out UF and its terrible quarterback play but apparently not this year. It may be a long season in Gainesville.

Things are a little better in Tallahassee because the Seminoles won their first game under Willie Taggart. However, if you watched the game, you know this FSU team is not very good. FSU trailed Samford, a FCS school, 26-21 in the fourth quarter before putting together a late scoring drive and scooping up a defensive touchdown to win 36-26. The late win should not make FSU fans feel very good since this team has a host of problems on both sides of the ball, including allowing Samford’s quarterback to throw for 475 yards. I’ve been trying to warn my Nole friends that this is how Willie Taggart does things. Historically, his first two seasons at a school have not been very good. However, by  the third and fourth years, he gets it going–if he stays that long. Can FSU fans be that patient?

Miami got back on track by beating Savannah State but will we trust Malik Rozier against a good team? At this point, it seems pretty clear that UCF is the best college football team in the state. Let’s not forget USF either. USF scored a big win this past weekend, knocking off a “Power 5” school in Georgia Tech. That was the second most entertaining game I saw all day, losing out to Clemson’s heart stopping win over Texas A&M.

Here’s how I have them ranked this week solely based on results on the field, leaving out how I think one team would fare against another or pre-season rankings. Results only.

  1. Alabama (2-0) Crushed both teams they faced which were in bowl games last year.
  2. Georgia (2-0) Headed to Columbia to play a pretty good South Carolina team and took them to the woodshed.
  3. LSU (2-0) Neutral site over Miami not quite as good as UGA’s win at South Carolina.
  4. Stanford (2-0) Dominated the line of scrimmage against USC. I was very impressed.
  5. Clemson (2-0) Gave up some yards but led the whole way at Texas A&M. Needed a stop on a two point conversion to hang for a huge win.
  6. Auburn (2-0) Neutral site win over Washington has a hair less value than Clemson’s win at Texas A&M.
  7. Notre Dame (2-0) Struggled more than they should with Ball State but Michigan win keeps them here.
  8. Oklahoma (2-0) No one has been in a game with them yet.
  9. Boise State (2-0) Beat UConn worse than UCF did and stomped a decent Troy team.
  10. West Virginia (2-0) Road win at Tennessee might not be that good by end of the year.
  11. Arizona State (2-0) Home win over Michigan State has them this high.
  12. Mississippi State (2-0) Dominated at Kansas State.
  13. Penn State (2-0) Thumped Pitt but I am not over them needing OT to beat Appalachian State.
  14. Virginia Tech (2-0) Florida State win looks worse this week.
  15. Ohio State (2-0) Will finally play someone this week, taking on TCU.
  16. Wisconsin (2-0) They should be winning by more than they have been.
  17. UCF (2-0) Next three games: at UNC, home for FAU and Pitt. Time to prove they belong at the top.
  18. Cincinnati (2-0) Have won at UCLA and at Miami of Ohio as underdogs.
  19. TCU (2-0) Struggled at first, then lapped SMU.
  20. Kentucky (2-0) Broke 31 game losing streak versus Florida and did it in the Swamp.
  21. Maryland (2-0) Home win over Texas is why they are ranked.
  22. Colorado (2-0) Wild win at Nebraska. QB Montez has really improved.
  23. Duke (2-0) They look good but wins at Northwestern and home for Army do not tell me as much as I’d like to know.
  24. Houston (2-0) I had BYU in for beating Arizona. Now let’s do the same for Houston,
  25. Oregon (2-0) Schedule somebody Ducks!


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