Synan Says: The Real Top 25 in College Football, Week 3

We have real debate over who’s number one.

The number one team in college football should be an easy choice, right? Alabama was the pre-season number one and defending national champion. As long as they don’t lose, the Crimson Tide should stay number one, right? This approach is easy and lazy.

Let’s take a look at what has happened on the field so far and maybe that approach to ranking them isn’t the best. After watching all the games in Week 1, I thought Alabama deserved that number one ranking. They smacked around Louisville which was coming off a big season and still had plenty of talent despite losing Lamar Jackson to the NFL. Louisville may not be that good though after barely scraping by Western Kentucky. Bama went to Ole Miss this week and just crushed the Rebels 62-7. It is the strength of that win that will keep them at the top this week. Simply put, a team has not been competitive with Alabama yet this season.

The other team that garners consideration for number one is LSU. The combination of wins over Miami on a neutral field and at Auburn is the best pair of wins in the country. The margin of victory just isn’t quite enough to put them over the top. Quarterback Joe Burrow hasn’t been that impressive but he has been the one thing LSU quarterbacks have not been the past two seasons: competent. He made play after play when he had to and Auburn simply shot itself in the foot with repeated pass interference penalties leading up to the game winning field goal as time expired.

Last week we discussed the woes of football in the Sunshine State. This week it got much worse for Florida State fans. The Gulf Coast offense that Coach Willie Taggart is trying to run just isn’t working. Florida State can’t block anyone and can’t move the football at all. They took it on the chin at Syracuse 30-7. It should not have been that close. The Orange blundered multiple first half scoring opportunities and only led 6-0 at the break. I’m not sure where the Seminoles go from here other than to the recruiting trail. They need a quarterback that can run this offense and players up front who can block.

Here’s how I have them ranked this week solely based on results on the field and leaving out how I think one team would fare against another or pre-season rankings. Results are the only thing that matters.

  1. Alabama (3-0) Still on top by a hair because of blowout wins.
  2. LSU (3-0) Amazing what decent QB play does for a loaded roster.
  3. Georgia (3-0) Took care of business and looks like a title contender.
  4. Ohio State (3-0) Double digit margin at TCU an inch better than Clemson’s win at Texas A&M.
  5. Clemson (3-0) Finally got ground game going versus Georgia Southern.
  6. Stanford (3-0) Win over USC doesn’t look as good this week after Trojans lost to Texas.
  7. Notre Dame (3-0) Had to hang on against Vanderbilt.
  8. Oklahoma State (3-0) Beat a tough Boise State team.
  9. Oklahoma (3-0) Won at Iowa State. Looks like an improving program.
  10. Mississippi State (3-0) New coach, same results.
  11. West Virginia (2-0) Really wanted to see them play at NC State. Game likely cannot be rescheduled.
  12. Penn State (3-0) Now they are beating inferior teams by the right margins.
  13. UCF (2-0) Another team that got canceled by Florence. Not playing Power 5 UNC could really hurt them at the end of the year
  14. Virginia Tech (2-0) Their signature win is at FSU, meaning they’ve beaten no one.
  15. Duke (3-0) I see you winning two road games at Power 5 schools Duke.
  16. Kentucky (3-0) Win at Florida looks better this week.
  17. Oregon (3-0) They should be embarrassed at that out of conference schedule.
  18. Cincinnati (2-0) Luke Fickle is getting that program going.
  19. Colorado (3-0) Win at Nebraska takes a hit. Scott Frost has a major rebuild on his hands.
  20. Auburn (2-1) Heartbroken at home and now in a hole in the SEC West.
  21. Washington (2-1) They could still get to playoffs but need lots of help.
  22. South Florida (3-0) Two straight wins over Power 5 schools (GT and at Illinois).
  23. California (3-0) Beat UNC, BYU.
  24. Missouri (3-0) Won’t be here for long. They get UGA this week.
  25. Syracuse (3-0) What does a win over FSU count for these days?


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