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Donald Trump’s Campaign Kickoff in Orlando Shows How Important Florida is to His 2020...

Trump is scheduled to be in Orlando on June 18 to officially launch his reelection bid though, of course, his campaign team has already been working hard. So far, the Trump team has reeled in around $130 million, an impressive warchest with 17 months until Election Day.
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Donald Trump’s Visit to Panama City Kicks Off 2020 Race in Florida

With the Florida Legislature ready to pass the budget and go home, the political spotlight in the Sunshine State turns to next year’s presidential race--and President Donald Trump is raring to go.

Donald Trump, Democrats Already Gearing Up in Florida for 2020

Both sides are starting to look at Florida which is still the largest swing state in the Electoral College. 
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At First Glance, Florida Congressional Races Won’t be on Center Stage in 2020

There is no U.S. Senate seat up in the Sunshine State in 2020 and few of the U.S. House races in Florida look competitive this far out.