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Phil Wegmann Opinion: Trump Campaign Saying DeSantis Staff Need Not Apply

As Ron DeSantis emerges as a prospective rival for the Republican nomination, Donald Trump's campaign has put word out that anyone who works for the Florida governor will be blackballed. According to sources with direct...

Philip Wegmann: As Others Wait, Nikki Haley Readies 2024 Presidential Campaign

Republicans with Oval Office dreams have learned to think twice about challenging Donald Trump, hoping for a magical moment when the former president has his guard down and their candidacy can be launched without...

Mike Pompeo Gets Active in Florida, Backs Bill Posey for Another Term in Congress

Former U.S. Sec. of State Mike Pompeo, a possible presidential candidate in 2024, got active in Florida this week, throwing his support behind U.S. Rep. Bill Posey’s, R-Fla., reelection bid. “Bill has a record of...

Ron DeSantis Starts Gaining Steam for 2024 at Donald Trump’s Expense

Gov. Ron DeSantis is gaining momentum for a possible 2024 presidential bid and some of his support is coming at former President Donald Trump’s expense. With 740 Republicans in attendance at a Michigan Republican Leadership...

Francis Suarez Latest Florida Republican Testing the Waters for a 2024 Presidential Bid

Florida already has several Republicans mulling over running for president in 2024 and you can add Miami Mayor Francis Suarez to the list. Appearing on “The Carlos Watson Show” this week, Suarez said the “mayor...
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Some GOP Donors Looking At Ron DeSantis, Not Donald Trump, for 2024

Brian Schwartz from CNBC recently reported that Republican donors are staying away from former President Donald Trump and are instead looking at backing other potential 2024 presidential candidates including Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. But before...

With 2024 in Mind, Rick Scott Looks to Lead the NRSC

Currently, Scott is the only Republican senator to declare for the post which would have him oversee GOP efforts in the 2022 Senate races. 

Ron DeSantis Invites the JFK Comparisons

JFK is, of course, a Democratic icon but he wasn’t exactly a liberal on several fronts, ranging from taxes to foreign policy. While many members of the Cuban community in South Florida still haven’t forgiven JFK for not going all out during the Bay of Pigs operation, DeSantis would be wise to take a few pages out of the 35th president’s playbook.