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AAA: More Floridians Growing Comfortable With Traveling Thanks to COVID-19 Vaccines

A new AAA survey reveals that nearly half of Floridians--47 percent--are comfortable taking a trip. That’s almost a 10 percentage-point increase compared to AAA’s previous survey in January.

AAA: Most Floridians Changed Travel Plans Due to Coronavirus Pandemic

While about 40 percent of Florida travelers had to reschedule at least one trip this year, 39 percent say they canceled a trip with no plans to reschedule.

AAA: Most Floridians Planning to Take a Vacation in 2019

AAA released its AAA Consumer Pulse survey this week and forecast a strong year for travel. The survey found that a vast majority of Floridians--84 percent--plan to take at least one vacation this year lasting three days or more, up 1 percent from 2018.