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AAA: Tropical Storm Gordon Didn’t Impact Gas Prices in Florida

Prices rose for a moment on Tuesday but fell back in line after fears of the storm’s impact on oil production in the Gulf faded. 

Gas Prices on the Rise in Florida With Tropical Storm Gordon in the Gulf

With Tropical Storm Gordon looming in the Gulf, gas prices are on the rise in the Sunshine State. AAA released a report on Tuesday morning which showed that gas prices averaged $2.80 a gallon on...

Gas Prices Across Florida Slip Right Before Labor Day Weekend

With more supply and less demand, gas prices slipped four cents over last week, according to a study from AAA released on Monday.

Gas Prices Drop in Florida But AAA Warns of Potential Rise for Labor Day

With summer nearing its end, gas prices in the nation and across the Sunshine State are starting to drop though they are still 50 cents more per gallon than this time last year. 

Gas Prices on the Rise Across Florida

Over the past week, gas prices in the Sunshine State edged up five cents even as other states in the region, including Georgia, saw their prices drop, a new report from AAA finds. AAA released...

Gas Prices Rose in Florida Last Week, Remain Well Below National Average

“Prices should slip lower this week, due to falling futures prices on the stock market,” Jenkins said. “However, demand historically remains strong through August, which should prevent prices from slipping anywhere near the lows we saw last year."

Gas Prices Down Slightly in Florida

However AAA warned that drivers in Florida could be seeing higher prices in the days to come, especially as wholesale gas prices are on the rise.

AAA: One in Five Florida Residents Plan to Move in the Next Year, Mostly...

Two of the top ten moving destinations in the nation lat year were in Florida with the Tampa/Sarasota area placing fifth and Orlando placed sixth. 

Gas Prices Drop in Florida and Across the Nation

Mark Jenkins, a spokesman for AAA and the Auto Club Group, said prices across the nation are starting to dip due to a slight drop in oil prices though he warned that drivers should continue to expect to see some volatility when it comes to gas prices.

Gas Prices Rose Sharply Across Florida in the Past Week

With July now halfway over, Floridians can expect to see some changes in gas prices in the weeks to come, according to a report released on Monday.

Gas Prices Holding Steady in Florida

Gas prices in Florida are holding steady and under the national average but AAA notes this is the most expensive summer when it comes to gas that the Sunshine State has seen in four...

Gas Prices Edging Up Across the Nation, in Florida as Independence Day Nears

With almost 40 million Americans hitting the road for the Independence Day holiday, AAA is warning they will find gas prices more than 50 cents higher than last year.