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Florida Congressional Members Continue to Back Wasteful Spending

With the national debt now clocking in at more than $30 trillion, members of the Florida congressional delegation continue to back wasteful spending. Adam Andrzejewski from OpenThe Books, a fiscal watchdog group, pointed to “President...

Report Finds More COVID Stimulus Money Wasted On Special Projects

With Americans increasingly putting the COVID pandemic in the rearview mirror, reports are showing how much public funds were wasted on special projects instead of actual relief efforts. This includes $140 million for a planned...

Some Florida Cities Spending COVID Relief Money on Non-Related Projects

Florida cities have received hundreds of millions of dollars from the federal government in coronavirus relief money in the various stimulus measures passed by Congress. Some cities are spending that money on infrastructure projects and...

News Publications Looking to Democrats on Capitol Hill for Bailout Funds

Inside the massive spending bill being pushed by Democrats on Capitol Hill is a proposal that would carve out $1.3 billion in tax credits for local newspapers with up to 750 employees.The proposal would...

Undocumented College Students Eligible for Federal COVID-19 Stimulus Money

According to the Presidents' Alliance on Higher Education and Immigration, a group of higher ed leaders, there are around 450,000 of undocumented students enrolled in the nation's higher-education system.

Florida Colleges, Universities Receive Billions From the Feds, Pay Out Millions in Salaries

In the report, Adam Andrzejewski, the CEO and founder of and a columnist, notes that Florida placed fourth in the nation and received $5.6 billion in student loans.