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Stephanie Murphy Urges Joe Biden to Change Vaccine Distribution Formula

“This severely disadvantages Florida, making it harder for the state to vaccinate its senior population and, in turn, to quickly move on to vaccinate the broader population, as more contagious strains of the virus circulate within the state. Over one in five Florida residents—20.9 percent of Floridians—is age 65 or older, trailing only Maine and Puerto Rico, where the number is 21.3 percent,” the congresswoman’s office noted.
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Darren Soto Wants Free COVID-19 Vaccines for Medicaid Recipients

Soto brought out the “Helping Adults Protect Immunity (HAPI) Act” at the start of last month and weighed in on it on Friday. 

Frederica Wilson Proposes Ending All Non-Medical Exemption for Public School Vaccinations

We must allow science and fact-based research to guide us in making the right decision for our communities and our children,” said Wilson on Tuesday.