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Ron DeSantis Calls for Reforming Bonus Program for Florida Teachers and Principals

On Thursday, Gov. Ron DeSantis called for reforming the bonus program for teachers and principals across the Sunshine State.

Florida School Year Starts With Fight Over Bonuses and Teachers Unions Suing Over Student...

Members of teachers unions are complaining that Gov. Ron DeSantis is not fulfilling his promise on teacher bonuses.
Ron Desantis

Ron DeSantis Highlights Education Reforms at Roundtable in Tampa

“Investing in our students’ success is the best investment we can make and one I take very seriously,” said DeSantis. “Since taking office, my administration has proposed bold initiatives to improve our state’s education system as well as our entire economy."

Ron DeSantis Proposes to Offer Incentives for High Performing Teachers, Principals

On Thursday, Gov. Ron DeSantis continued his education reform efforts, calling for “renewed investment to recruit and retain the best, most dedicated educators for Florida schools."