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Ron DeSantis Announces $22.7 Million to Protect Biscayne Bay, Improve its Water Quality

This week, Gov. Ron DeSantis announced almost $23 million “to support water quality improvements and protection of Biscayne Bay. Projects funded through the Biscayne Bay Grant Program include septic to sewer conversions, stormwater management...

Miami Republicans Want to Create a Biscayne Bay Commission Overseeing Environmental Issues

With the regular session of the Florida Legislature ready to begin next week, two Miami Republicans--state Sen. Ileana Garcia and state House Speaker Pro Tempore Bryan Avila--introduced a proposal to create a Biscayne Bay Commission to oversee environmental issues impacting the bay.

Marco Rubio, Rick Scott, Michael Waltz Want to Change Water Quality Allocation to the...

Waltz’s office stressed that the Sunshine State would benefit from changing the formula and maintained that it would not add to federal spending. Back in 2016, the Environmental Protection Agency recommended that Congress change the formula.