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Cancer screening

Maureen Mann: It’s Time the Florida Legislature to Address Record Low Cancer Screening Rates

The pandemic’s impacts on cancer care are becoming clearer and clearer by the day.‭ ‬While screenings have been halted or postponed,‭ ‬cancer has not gone away.‭ ‬We’re actively seeing an uptake in breast cancer...

Casey DeSantis Diagnosed With Breast Cancer

On Monday, Gov. Ron DeSantis announced that Florida First Lady Casey DeSantis has been diagnosed with breast cancer. “I am saddened to report that Florida’s esteemed First Lady and my beloved wife has been diagnosed...

Debbie Wasserman Schultz Gets Proposal Reauthorizing Breast Cancer Program Over the Finish Line

In July 2019, Wasserman Schultz, a breast cancer survivor, teamed with then U.S. Rep. Susan Brooks, R-Ind., to bring out a proposal to add more funds and reauthorize the Breast Cancer Education and Awareness Requires Learning Young (EARLY) Act which was first passed in 2010.