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Florida TaxWatch Poll Shows Support for E-Fairness Crosses Party Lines

Florida TaxWatch commissioned a Mason Dixon poll which was released on Thursday, showing  63 percent of Floridians support e-fairness legislation that would require out-of-state retailers to collect online sales taxes. 

Florida TaxWatch Showcases ‘Taxpayer Priorities’ for the 2021 Legislative Session

At the end of last week, Florida TaxWatch announced “five taxpayer priorities” for the 2021 Legislative Session, which will begin on March 2 and adjourn on April 30.

Charlie Crist: Feds Sending More Than $40 Million to PSTA

The funds are part of the $2.3 trillion coronavirus stimulus package that the White House and Congress agreed to at the end of March. The funds will be distributed by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA). 

Charlie Crist: Federal Government Sending More Funds to Pinellas County for Bus Rapid Transit...

Crist announced that the project will get another $720,000 from the federal government. These funds are in addition to almost $22 million that Crist announced at the end of May.

Charlie Crist: Almost $22 Million in Federal Funds Going to Pinellas County for Bus...

On Friday, Crist announced the Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority (PSTA) will get $21.8 million “for construction of the Tampa Bay region’s first-ever Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) line which would run from downtown St. Petersburg to the beach.”

Charlie Crist: Federal Funds Headed to Pinellas County to Help Central Avenue Bus Project

Finishing up his first term in Congress, U.S. Rep. Charlie Crist, D-Fla., announced the funds would be headed to the PSTA on Wednesday.