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Most Americans Afraid to Share Their Political Views, New Poll Shows

A recent survey by the Cato Institute finds that a majority of Americans--62 percent--say the current political climate keeps them quiet about how they really feel about certain issues.

Marco Rubio Wants Donald Trump to Support Democracy in Hungary

"We are writing in advance of your scheduled meeting with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban to express concern about Hungary’s downward democratic trajectory and the implications for U.S. interests in Central Europe."

Florida Ranks First, New York Last on Economic Freedom

While Florida’s first place ranking is to be lauded, it should be noted that the grade is on a curve, otherwise, all states would fail. There’s plenty of room for improvement even in Florida. The minimum wage, the sales tax and property taxes are three particular areas where the state needs to improve. Furthermore, recent proposals to increase the corporate income tax would pull Florida down in the rankings.

Florida Leads the States When it Comes to Freedom, CATO Report Finds

The Sunshine State also placed first in two other categories.

What Is Universal Basic Income?

The key component of the plan is that this would replace all existing welfare programs.