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Marco Rubio: Democrats Don’t Want a Deal on Coronavirus Relief

“Ultimately the best thing for the country is to be able to pass a compromise like we did the first couple of times. This time, I guess it is too close to the election, and they’ve decided that they’re better off by doing nothing at all. I disagree, and I think the voters are going to disagree,” Rubio told the media.

Al Lawson Wants Aid for Community Volunteer Fire Departments in Future Stimulus Packages

“Volunteer fire departments have been hit hard by the impact of COVID-19 and are experiencing higher-than-normal staffing losses because volunteers are concerned for their personal health and that of their families,” Lawson wrote.

Ashley Moody Calls on Congress to Reform Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act to Hold China...

Moody wrote congressional leaders urging them to amend FSIA “to increase opportunities to seek damages from China, when appropriate, for public health and economic harm.”