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Ron DeSantis Looks Back on First Month in Office, Continues to Back Donald Trump

The governor’s office reviewed his record on hurricane recovery, the environment, his three appointments to the state Supreme Court, his call to end Common Core in Florida, backing Israel, supporting medical marijuana and his first proposed budget. 
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Alex Snitker: Ron DeSantis Abandons Fiscal Conservatism in First Budget Proposal

The governor’s budget represents a $2.6 billion increase over the budget passed last session, which at the time, was a record of $88.7 billion, up $6.3 billion--7.6 percent--over the 2017 budget.

Ron DeSantis: Time to Get Rid of Common Core in Florida

Gov. Ron DeSantis issued an executive order on Thursday “outlining a path for Florida to improve its education system by eliminating Common Core and paving the way for Florida students to receive a world-class education to prepare them for jobs of the future.