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Florida’s Concealed Carry Proposal Drawing Fire From Some on the Right

State Reps. Chuck Brannan, R-Macclenny, and Bobby Payne, R-Payne, are championing the “Concealed Carry of Weapons and Firearms Without a License” proposal, a pro-Second Amendment bill that supporters call "constitutional carry." The bill would allow...
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Matt Gaetz Introduces National Stand Your Ground Act

This week, U.S. Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., introduced the “National Stand Your Ground Act.” Gaetz filed the legislation, which will “codify Florida’s ‘Stand Your Ground' law at the federal level, abolishing the duty of retreat...

Florida State Representative Wants Mandatory Background Checks to Buy Ammunition

“If one life was saved by this measure, it would be worth it,” Daley told Florida Daily. “We check people’s IDs when they walk into a store to purchase a beer. Why shouldn’t we be checking to make sure the person who is walking in to buy ammunition is legally permitted to do so?”