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Boca Raton Legislators Looking to Expand Hate Crimes Coverage to Governments, Organizations

This week, state Sen. Tina Polsky, D-Boca Raton, and state Rep. Emily Slosberg, D-Boca Raton, offered a proposal “to update Florida statutes addressing hate crimes by allowing government, public and private organizations to be...

Reelection Assured, Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber Staying on the Political Stage

At the end of last week, qualifying closed for the Miami Beach elections and Dan Gelber was reelected as mayor as he was the only candidate to make the ballot.

Marco Rubio, Amy Klobuchar Want to Crack Down on Patient Brokering

The two senators unveiled the “Eliminating Kickbacks in Recovery Act" on Thursday which they insist will “prohibit patient brokering by punishing unscrupulous actors that prey on patients seeking treatment in order to exploit the patient’s insurance.”