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Barney Bishop: Joe Biden’s Presidency is Illegitimate–and 70 Million Americans Know It

As we all know, the media is not the final arbiter of who is president.  The Electoral College, that entity that the Democrats have despised for four years and threatened to abolish, is one of the final steps in certifying the election after the individual states certify their vote totals. And, of course, there’s always that pesky little group called the Supreme Court of the United States which may still have a role to play.

Ron DeSantis Picks Chad Poppell to Lead DCF

While he is currently with IBM Industry client Leader for Florida's Public Sector, Poppell has considerable experience in state government, including leading the Department of Management Services where, according to DeSantis’ team, “he worked to support state agencies as well as current and former state employees with workforce and business-related functions.”