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Florida TaxWatch Looks at True Cost of Education in New Report

Florida TaxWatch also looked at true costs of charter school and private school scholarships. 

Florida TaxWatch, Legislators: Florida College System is a Great Investment for State

Noting that the 28 schools in the FCS ensure Florida is ranked second nationally by U.S. News and World Report, Florida TaxWatch unveiled its findings which showed that for every dollar invested in the system, Florida reaps between $10.80-15.42 in addition to thousands of new jobs. 

Florida TaxWatch: Increased Access to Palliative Care a Win for Patients While Cutting Healthcare...

The report looks at the benefits of palliative care but also the challenges ahead for expanding it. Florida TaxWatch also offered some recommendations for the state Legislature which is currently in the second week of its regular session.

Florida TaxWatch: Point of Care Testing Works for Influenza and Streptococcus

The study supported a bill from state Sen. Jeff Brandes, R-St. Petersburg, and state Rep. Rene “Coach P” Plasencia which allows pharmacists to “diagnose and treat influenza and strep at community pharmacies, using point-of-care tests that have approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.”

Florida TaxWatch: Energy Deregulation Amendment Will Hurt Revenue

On Thursday, Florida TaxWatch released a report on how a proposed amendment to the state constitution deregulating parts of the energy industry in Florida would impact the Sunshine State. 

Florida TaxWatch: Voters Approved $1.5 Billion in New Taxes on Election Day

On Wednesday, Florida TaxWatch offered a look on the 11 amendments that voters approved to add to the Florida Constitution last month and local tax and bond votes backed by voters across the Sunshine State. 

Florida TaxWatch: Independent Medical Review Program Can Cut Workers Comp Costs

Florida TaxWatch released a report on Tuesday looking at the Independent Medical Review (IMR) program in California and examining if a similar effort in the Sunshine State could keep workers’ compensation costs low in Florida. 

Pat Neal, George LeMieux Part of Florida TaxWatch’s New Leadership Team

Piyush Patel, the founder and CEO of KYRA Solutions, will serve as treasurer, and Jim Repp, the president and COO of AvMed Health Plans, takes over as secretary. 

News From Around Florida

Broward County elections supervisor to receive a six-figure pension, public schools are installing metal detectors, and Florida State football coach depicted in racial post.

Florida TaxWatch: Film, TV Industry Can Grow in Florida, Offering More Economic Growth

Florida TaxWatch released a report on Thursday examining how other states lure film and television projects to do business in their states and what Florida can learn from them. 

Florida TaxWatch, Bob Martinez Unveil Road Map for State’s Next Governor

On Tuesday, the group released its fourth edition of the “Governor’s Transition Decision Handbook.”

Florida TaxWatch Releases Voter Guide to Florida’s Constitutional Amendments

The guide examines each of the 12 proposed state constitutional amendments that Florida voters will cast ballots on come November.