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Florida Taxes and Revenue Impacted by Coronavirus, Florida TaxWatch Analysis Finds

Tuesday was supposed to mark Taxpayer Independence Day in Florida but one of the top fiscal watch dogs in the state warned that coronavirus will greatly impact the Sunshine State.

Florida TaxWatch Looks at BRIDG, State’s Manufacturing Industry

Florida TaxWatch (FTW) released a report looking at “the impact of advanced manufacturing in the Sunshine State and highlighting the importance of continued public investment in high-tech initiatives such as BRIDG, which diversify the economy, create jobs, boost wages, and increase local and state tax revenues.”

Florida TaxWatch: Broward College Gives South Florida a $1.7 Billion Boost

In “An Independent Assessment of the Impact of Broward College," FTW focused on the “comparative benefits to students who attend Broward College, how Broward College compares to other institutions of higher learning in the tri-county South Florida region, and Broward College’s economic impact and return on investment to its students and the community.”

Florida TaxWatch Report Examines PACE Program Helping Seniors With Long-Term Care

On Thursday, Florida TaxWatch (FTW) brought out a report on the Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE). The report “finds that participants in this innovative program enjoy a higher quality of care, improved...
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Florida TaxWatch: High Earners Fleeing High Tax States for Sunshine State

Residents and business of states with high taxes are headed to Florida, a new report from Florida TaxWatch finds

Florida TaxWatch: Sunday is Taxpayer Independence Day for Floridians

“Taxpayer Independence Day, calculated by Florida TaxWatch, accepts that every dollar earned since January 1 goes to pay federal, state, and local obligation,” the group noted on Thursday as it showcased a new report on the subject.

Florida TaxWatch: Communications Service Tax is Too High

In recent years, Florida TaxWatch has showcased the high CST in the Sunshine State, giving ammunition to legislators, namely the late state Sen. Dorothy Hukill, who have been trying to reduce it.