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Fentrice Driskell Names Leadership Team for Florida House Democrats

This week, the Florida Legislature held its organizational session and new state House Minority Leader Fentrice Driskell, D-Tampa, named her leadership team. Controlling less than 40 of the 120 House seats, the Democrats are not...

Florida Legislature Passes the Most Expensive Budget in the State’s History

This week, the Legislature passed the largest budget in state history with little in the way of opposition. The Senate passed the $112.1 billion budget with no votes cast against it even as six members...

Ana Maria Rodriguez Ready to Lead the Miami Dade Delegation in Tallahassee

First elected to the Florida House in 2018, last year Rodriguez was elected to the state Senate. At the start of last month, she was unanimously selected to lead the Miami-Dade delegation.

Democrats Announce Committee Leadership in the Florida House

This week, the two leaders of the Democrats in the Florida House--state Reps. Bobby DuBose of Fort Lauderdale and Evan Jenne of Hollywood--unveiled their selections to lead committees in the upcoming session. 

Florida House Passed Bill Helping Domestic Violence Victims With Unemployment Benefits

State Rep. Dotie Joseph, D-Miami, steered her bill through the House which passed it without opposition this week. 

Bill Helping Domestic Violence Victims With Unemployment Benefits Gains Traction in Tallahassee

"Victims of domestic violence stay in life-threatening situations because of obstacles they perceive as insurmountable--primarily finances and housing. This bill alleviates one of those obstacles.”