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Opinion Piece by Ross Pomeroy: A Common Situation Where EVs Fail Miserably

I want an electric car. They're quicker than combustion vehicles, quieter, simpler, cheaper to own over the life of the vehicle, better for the environment, and have that undeniable cool factor. Yet despite my...

Ebo Entsuah: With Help from State Leaders, Florida Can Champion Advanced Energy

Florida saw advanced energy employment increase by 5 percent in 2019, more than double the state’s overall job growth rate. With more than 182,000 workers in Florida, the advanced energy industry has become a significant segment of the state’s economy.

DMS Launches Pilot Electric Vehicle Charging Station at the Florida Capitol

Last week, the Florida Department of Management Services (DMS) activated the first publicly-available electric vehicle (EV) charging station pilot at the Florida Capitol, providing EV drivers with a new, no-cost charging solution while visiting the Capitol Complex area. 
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Florida Sees Growing Electric Vehicle Market

Industry analysts say Florida has emerged as the nation’s fourth-largest market for electric vehicle (EV) sales.