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Elizabeth Fetterhoff Takes on Webster Barnaby in GOP Primary Pitting State Reps Against Each...

In Central Florida, two state representatives are battling each other in a rare Republican primary pitting two incumbents against each other. State Rep. Webster Barnaby, R-Deltona, is battling state Rep. Elizabeth Fetterhoff, R-DeLand, in Volusia...

Jimmy Patronis Awards $30,000 to Central Florida Firefighters

This past legislative session, Patronis supported an increase in state funding for pandemic protections for firefighters via the agency's existing Cancer Decontamination Grant Program, so fire departments can buy lifesaving equipment to further protect firefighters from infectious diseases, such as COVID-19.

Jimmy Patronis Backs Bill to Empower Florida Department of Financial Services

Patronis showcased his 2021 legislative agency package aimed at bolstering efforts within the Florida Department of Financial Services (DFS) by supporting firefighters, better protecting victims of sexual harassment, and focusing on protecting Floridians from fraud and scams.

Jimmy Patronis Showcases Progress of His Legislative Priorities

This week, several bills I support passed committee stops including measures to protect firefighters from cancer with important equipment, crackdown on fraud against our veterans and prohibit insurance companies from using your genetic code against you,” Patronis said at the end of last week.

State Rep. Wants to Tie ICE’s Hands With Illegals in Florida

State Rep. Cindy Polo, D – West Palm Beach, filed a bill designed to prevent law enforcement agencies from detaining suspected illegal immigrants.

Dorothy Hukill Honored With Financial Literacy Class Proposal

In honor of the late state Sen. Dorothy Hukill, state Sen. Travis Hutson, R-St. Augustine, and state Rep. Elizabeth Fetterhoff, R-DeLand, are bringing back her proposal for a mandatory class on financial literacy bill for Florida high school students.