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Florida TaxWatch Looks at Ocklawaha River Restoration Alternatives

This week, Florida TaxWatch (FTW) released “A River (No Longer) Runs Through It: Ocklawaha River Restoration,” a report wherein the government watchdog examines the recreational, economic, and environmental impacts of full retention and partial...

North Florida Land Trust Focuses on Preserving Big Pine Preserve in Marion County

The nonprofit land conservation organization proposed the property to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) and it was recently approved for addition to the Florida Forever Program.
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Miami Republicans Want to Create a Biscayne Bay Commission Overseeing Environmental Issues

With the regular session of the Florida Legislature ready to begin next week, two Miami Republicans--state Sen. Ileana Garcia and state House Speaker Pro Tempore Bryan Avila--introduced a proposal to create a Biscayne Bay Commission to oversee environmental issues impacting the bay.

EPA: Fairfax Street Wood Treaters Site in Jacksonville Removed From Superfund List

“EPA has determined that the required cleanup is complete and no further remediation is necessary to protect human health and the environment. This site was one of the 27 Superfund sites fully or partially deleted in Fiscal Year (FY) 2020. During the first term of the Trump administration, EPA has deleted all or part of 82 sites from the NPL matching the site year total over two terms of the previous administration,” the EPA noted.

Vern Buchanan Wants EPA to Take Over Toxic Wastewater at Manatee County Phosphate Processing...

Buchanan wrote EPA Regional Administrator Kathy Walker on the matter, calling on her to make sure federal laws on toxic cleanups are being enforced.