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Biden Administration Not Being Truthful About the Deficit

With recent polls showing that most voters don’t approve of President Joe Biden's handling of the economy and inflation, the White House is going on defense heading into the 2022 election cycle. The Biden team...

Deficit Predicted to Drop in 2022, But Not Because Of Biden’s Policies Critics Insist

With inflation numbers hitting consumers at the highest rate in 40 years, the Biden administration is looking for campaign issues to help Democrats in November, including the federal deficit. After $5.5 trillion of COVID spending...

Federal Deficit Projected to Stand at $3 Trillion This Year

The CBO noted this year’s deficit will reach its second-highest on record since 1945.

Mark Sanford Launches New Group to Help Reduce the National Debt and Federal Deficit

Sanford is leading Americans for Debt and Deficit Reduction (AFDDR) which he defined as “a non-partisan not-for-profit aimed at educating Americans on the dangers of our country’s financial path.”