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Nikki Fried Chosen to Lead a Decimated Florida Democratic Party

At a meeting in Orlando over the past weekend, the Florida Democratic Party chose former state Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried to lead the party. Fried defeated three other candidates, including an old foe in former...

Fentrice Driskell Adds to Democratic Leadership Team in the Florida House

Florida House Democratic Leader Fentrice Driskell, D-Tampa, announced the appointment of the following Democratic representatives to serve as deputy whips for the House Democratic Caucus for the 2022-24 legislative term: Representative Kristen Arrington, D-Kissimmee; ...

Teachers’ Unions May Support Democratic School Board Candidates With Dark Money

With voters still thinking about school closures and COVID protocol restrictions, political analysts in Florida say, outside of the gubernatorial race, they expect more attention local school board elections to receive much of the...

Florida Democrats Facing Major Financial Woes as 2022 Election Cycle Begins

According to numbers from the Federal Election Commission (FEC), at the end of 2020, the Florida Democratic Party (FDP) was underwater with more than $868,000 in debt and the Democratic Executive Committee of Florida had less than $61,000 in cash on hand.

Anna Eskamani Wants Florida Democrats to Move to the Left

Anna Eskamani just won reelection to the Florida House but the Orlando Democrat is already thinking ahead to the next election--and what her party can do differently after a series of stinging defeats in...
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John Morgan Looks Back at 2020 Elections, Looks Ahead to 2022 and Marijuana Legalization

Despite getting Amendment 2 over the finish line with more than 60 percent of the vote, Morgan, who also led the charge on amendments expanding medical marijuana, said this is his last effort to change the Florida Constitution at the ballot box. 

Barney Bishop: What Can We Discern from the 2020 Election?

Election Day has come and gone and now we can focus on the lessons and results other than the presidential race which is still too close to call.

Barney Bishop: Joe Biden and the Left’s Energy Policy Would Lead to the Californication...

Transforming from fossil fuels to green energy and a ban on fracking will lead to the Californication of America.  Think twice before you vote for Joe Biden.

Michael Waltz Wants Feds to Investigate Florida Democrats Applying for PPP Loan

In April, the FDP applied for a $780,000 PPP loan through the FDP Building Fund – which has no employees – and then funneled the money to the FDP itself, despite political parties being explicitly excluded from eligibility for the program. 

Barney Bishop: Kamala Harris Flounders on the Debate Stage Despite Help from the Moderator

What kind of debate happens where one candidate is asked a question,‭ ‬answers it,‭ ‬but the other candidate does not get the same chance to share their answer and draw any needed contrasts‭? F‬rom the onset,‭ ‬this debate was perverted by the moderator to the detriment of both candidates.
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Republicans, Democrats Ramp Up Their Ground Games in Florida as Campaign Hits the Home...

With less than six weeks to go, both Republicans and Democrats in Florida insist their ground games will carry them over the finish line to win the state’s 29 electoral votes.

Kamala Harris Draws Praise and Fire in Florida and Across the Nation

Terrie Rizzo, the chairwoman of the Florida Democratic Party, said she thinks Harris is the right choice.