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Everglades Foundation Joins Coalition Behind Gubernatorial, Senate Debates in Florida

A week before Florida’s primary election, the coalition of groups producing statewide televised debates in the general election races for governor and U.S. senator announced on Tuesday that the Everglades Foundation has been added...

Florida Gubernatorial, U.S. Senate Debates Set for October

Less than one year from Florida’s 2022 general election, a coalition of nonprofit, nonpartisan organizations announced solid, specific plans for producing live televised debates next year in Florida’s major races for governor and U.S....

Florida League of Cities Honors Marlene Wagner

The Florida League of Cities (FLC) announced that last week Lake Hamilton Vice Mayor Marlene Wagner is this year’s recipient of the League’s E. Harris Drew Municipal Official Lifetime Achievement Award. “Marlene never turns down...

Florida League of Cities Stresses Importance of Cybersecurity in Letter to Nikki Fried

At the end of last week, Orlando City Commissioner Tony Ortiz, the president of the Florida League of Cities (FLC), responded to a letter from Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried on cybersecurity.

Anthony Sabatini Wants to Eliminate Red Light Cameras for Good

“They are just a taxpayer fraud scheme. They are just a way for local governments to pad their pockets and raise more revenues,” Sabatini told Florida Daily, adding that his research shows that the Department of Transportation cannot prove red-light cameras make intersections safer.

Jeannie Garner Takes Over as Executive Director of the Florida League of Cities

The transition in leadership comes after the retirement of Michael Sittig, who served as executive director of the League for 25 years.
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Orlando City Commissioner Tony Ortiz Takes Over as President of Florida League of Cities

Ortiz was elected president of the Florida League of Cities, comprised of 411 municipalities in the state. Ortiz will serve a one-year term. During his inaugural address, he announced his presidential priority for the coming year, “Building Stronger Cities: Organizing, Empowering & Delivering.”

Jimmy Patronis: Florida Will Provide Workers’ Comp Coverage for Public Servants on the Front...

On Monday, Florida Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Jimmy Patronis directed the Division of Risk Management to provide workers’ compensation coverage to state employees who are fighting COVID-19.
the dean's list

The Dean’s List: A Look at Who Made the Honor Roll in Florida Politics–and...

From term limits for school board members, to the Florida Lottery, here's a look at those that made "the list."

Florida League of Cities: Local Control Survived the Assaults From Tallahassee

On issues ranging from banning plastic straws, impact fees and short-term rentals, the FLOC felt under attack. 

News Analysis: Floridians Favor Local Over State Control of Short Term Rentals

In recent years, the debate across Florida has focused on whether short terms rentals should be regulated by state lawmakers in Tallahassee or if local city and county officials should be making decisions on them.

Florida League of Cities Unveils Legislative Priorities

While the regular legislative session doesn’t begin until March, many groups and organizations are already to kick things off with a new administration coming into power in Tallahassee, including the Florida League of Cities which released its “2019 Legislative Priorities & Policy Positions” this week.