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Jim Maxwell: Twin 33s are Good for Florida Trucking

While Twin 33-foot trailer vehicles are not permitted under federal law, these freight trucks have operated in Florida since 2010.  Our state saw more than a decade ago how efficient and eco-friendly they are for the transportation industry, and the results for safety, efficiency, and our infrastructure are impressive.

Jim Hunt: Protect Veteran-Owned Businesses Against Frivolous COVID-19 Litigation

Legislators are discussing coming together to address this potential problem with COVID-19 liability protections.  I applaud them, and I know that our veteran-owned small businesses do the same.  We must do everything we can to speed up our economic recovery.

Frivolous, Excessive Lawsuits Costing Florida Taxpayers Billions

Speaking to the Florida Radio Network, Bill Herrle, the NFIB’s executive director for Florida, says the problem is so bad in Florida that “it’s cost the state around 126,139 jobs and $614.8 million in annual state revenues.