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AAA: Gas Prices in Florida Have Recovered From High Demand After Colonial Pipeline Outage

Although Tallahassee is the only major market directly serviced by the Colonial Pipeline, outages were reported at various filling stations throughout the state due to ‘panic buying,’” AAA noted.

AAA: Look for Gas Prices to Rise in Florida After Drone Attacks on Saudi...

Overnight, President Trump authorized the release of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve in an effort to balance the market,” AAA noted.

AAA: Most Stations in Florida Have Gas as Hurricane Dorian Continues to Impact State

“State officials say most - if not all - Florida gas stations have gasoline again. Late last week, Floridians swarmed the pumps, topping off their tanks and filling gas cans in preparation for Hurricane Dorian. The surge in demand left many gas stations on empty, but it appears things have stabilized,” AAA noted on Tuesday morning.