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Partisan Divide Emerges on Trusting Public Education

A new Gallup poll shows confidence in public education is increasingly impacted by political divisions. While the overall numbers show Americans’ faith in public education remains low, and it’s only getting worse. The poll shows only...

New Polls Show Bad News for the Democrats in 2022

Several polls out over the past couple of weeks show the Democrats will have a tough campaign season ahead. Gallup released a poll that shows most Americans expect the economy to get even worse in...

Fewer Americans Watching National News, Getting Info from the Mainstream Media

Two recent surveys by the Knight Foundation and Gallup show that fewer Americans are paying attention to national news and the distrust of the media continues to increase. A Gallup poll from the end of...

Most Americans Think the Government Is Doing Too Much

With President Joe Biden increasing this size of government much larger than FDR’s New Deal or even LBJ’s Great Society, a new poll from Gallup shows that most Americans do not like the continued...

Nine Months into the Presidency, Joe Biden’s Polling Worse than Barack Obama and Bill...

In an op-ed in The Hill, Doug Schoen, who worked as a campaign advisor to former President Bill Clinton and former U.S. Sec. of State Hillary Clinton, Doug Schoen stressed that President Joe Biden's...

Americans Think Their Neighbors Are Secretly Voting for Trump, Poll Shows

The poll found voters who considered themselves to be “very liberal” were three times more likely to believe their neighbors were backing Trump.
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Most Democrats Wants Taxpayers to Bail Out Failing Local Newspapers, Poll Shows

When asked about whether struggling papers should receive federal or local government funding, 53 percent of Democrats support federal funding and 61 percent supported local taxpayer subsidies.