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Al Lawson Calls on North Florida Families to Apply for Emergency Broadband Benefit Program

With open enrollment for the program starting on Wednesday, the congressman’s office stressed how it could benefit eligible families. 

Al Lawson: North Florida County Governments Getting $295 Million in Coronavirus State and Local...

“The funds will be provided through the U.S. Treasury Department’s Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds program. The program was created by the historic American Rescue Plan that was passed by Congress to provide emergency funding for local governments as they cope with budget gaps and recover from COVID-19,” Lawson’s office noted.

Al Lawson Calls on VA to Increase Home Improvement and Structural Alterations for Disabled...

Lawson urged “that HISA grant maximums be increased to $10,000 for veterans with service-connected disabilities and $5,000 for veterans with non-service-connected disabilities.” That would be an increase from the current levels as veterans disabled in the line of service are eligible for a maximum of $6,800 while those disabled outside of service-related activities are elegible for a maximum of $2,000.

Al Lawson: North Florida Colleges and Universities Getting $186 Million in Federal Stimulus Funds

The schools are getting the funds from the $900 billion “Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act” which Congress passed last month and which then President Donald Trump signed into law.

Al Lawson Helps Return $2.4 Million to North Florida Residents

“Since January 2020, his office worked to close more than 200 cases and ensured that North Florida residents receive their long-awaited financial reimbursement from several federal agencies.  A few of the top agencies include the Social Security Administration, Internal Revenue Service, FEMA and Veterans Affairs,” the congressman’s office noted. 

Al Lawson Headed Back to Congress

Now 72, Lawson is a veteran of Florida politics, including serving in both chambers of the Legislature. During his time in the Florida Senate, Lawson led Democrats in the chamber. 

Al Lawson Gets Ready to Take On Gary Adler in North Florida Congressional Race

After the smoke cleared on Tuesday night, Lawson easily bested his two primary challengers. With all votes in, Lawson took 55.5 percent.  Albert Chester, a pharmacist and businessman, came closest to knocking off Lawson but he only pulled 26.1 percent. LaShonda Holloway, a businesswoman and former congressional aide, lagged behind with 18.4 percent. 

Jacksonville Businessman Gary Adler Challenges Al Lawson in North Florida Congressional Race

On Thursday, Jacksonville businessman Gary Adler announced he was running for the Republican nomination to challenge U.S. Rep. Al Lawson, D-Fla.,