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Florida Legislators Want Parents, Not Just Students, to Know About School Mental Health Services

This week, state Sen. Gayle Harrell, R-Stuart, and state Rep. Christine Hunschofsky, D-Parkland, teamed up on a bill to update “school services to ensure that whole families are made aware of available mental health...

Brian Mast, Gayle Harrell, Toby Overdorf Want Corps of Engineers to Eliminate Discharges from...

“The Army Corps has determined that discharges from Lake Okeechobee to the St. Lucie are unnecessary for flood control and that eliminating these discharges can actually be beneficial to water supply, the environment and more,” Mast said. “The Army Corps must not settle for incremental progress but rather should take the bold action needed to protect Floridians and stop government-sanctioned poisoning.”
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Wilton Simpson Creates Florida Senate Committee on Pandemic Preparedness and Response

Simpson also named chairs and vice chairs for the other committees though he plans to name members to the committees in the days to come. 

Gail Matillo, Natalie Campaneria: Without Modernization, Assisted Living Facility Industry Susceptible to Significant Challenges

Across the state of Florida, various industries are struggling with the ever-increasing costs of insurance, including the cost of workers' compensation coverage.

Pharmacy Benefit Managers Driving Up Costs For Patients and Taxpayers, New Study Shows

The study also finds that PBMs are negotiating in secret to determine which medications will be covered by insurance plans and frequently pocketing the savings.

Focused on Everglades, Ron DeSantis Activates C-44 Reservoir and Stormwater Treatment Area

On Friday, Gov. Ron DeSantis continued his focus on Everglades restoration, visiting the C-44 Reservoir and Stormwater Treatment Area (STA) site and activating the pumps to fill the manmade wetland with water.