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Marco Rubio Showcases Senate Record as He Readies to Run for a Third Term

Gearing up for his reelection campaign in November, U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., released a report towards the end of last week showcasing his record in 2021 and over the past five years. “Six Rubio...

Center for Effective Lawmaking Names Marco Rubio Most Effective Republican Senator

CEL also ranked Rubio as the top-performing Republican in the areas of Civil Rights, International Affairs, and Trade.

Marco Rubio Showcases Mid-Term Record in New Report

A non-partisan analysis produced by GovTrack ranked Rubio as the second top leader compared to all senators in 2020. The same analysis found he was the second top leader in 2019, the fourth top leader in 2018, and the fifth top leader in 2017.  

Marco Rubio Showcases His Results on Capitol Hill in 2019

Rubio‘s “Fighting for Florida: Mid-Term Update” report stressed his efforts in the U.S. Senate.