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Dr. Miriam Ramirez: HHS Should Safeguard Patients and Doctors

Insurance companies are attempting an end-run around the legislative process by trying to influence President Joe Biden’s U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Passing the No Surprises Act was the first step toward ending surprise medical billing. The next step involves establishing a set of rules to govern the implementation and enforcement of the law.

David Biddle: Congress Should Pass Independent Dispute Resolution to End Surprise Medical Billing

Across the country, the strain on the health care system these past months has only been amplified as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. But if that weren’t challenging enough, big insurance companies have been busy at work in Washington trying to stick patients and doctors with even more costs all while raking in huge profits during this public health emergency.

Maurice Langston: More Health Insurance Surprises on the Way?

About a week ago, one of the country’s largest health insurance companies sent a signal flare that should catch the attention of every doctor, patient and lawmaker in America.

Dave Weldon: How to End Surprise Billing without Jeopardizing Patient Access to Care

Floridians need Congress to act on surprise medical billing, an issue that creates unnecessary financial burdens and emotional distress for patients and their families.