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Al Lawson Urges Lenny Curry to Extend JEA Service Disconnection Moratorium

A reported 22,000 electrical accounts, including 974 business accounts, are scheduled to be disconnected by the JEA.
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Matt Schellenberg: JEA Compensation Package is Disappointing to Jacksonville Citizens

Former Jacksonville City Councilman Matt Schellenberg weighed in last week as the effort to sell the JEA continues. Schellenberg offered the following letter to the editor, taking aim at a proposed compensation package for JEA employees:

Stakes Are High as Jacksonville Voters Head to the Polls in Mayoral Race

In the first round of the city’s mayoral election. Mayor Lenny Curry will almost certainly end up with the most votes when the smoke clears--but the question is will it be enough to get him over the finish line on Tuesday night or if the contest continues for another two months.