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Marco Rubio Champions the Federal Skills Act to Change Government Hiring Policies

Rubio insists the bill iwill “remove traditional education bias within federal hiring practices and expand federal workforce opportunities to qualified Americans with alternative education credentials, relevant experience, or demonstrated abilities.”

Ron DeSantis: Florida DEO Offering $74 Million in Job Growth Grant Funds

The grants will assist communities in funding workforce training and public infrastructure projects to support growth and employment in Florida.

Sean Spicer: President Trump Should Not Risk American Jobs, Energy Security By Sanctioning U.S....

Forcing America’s exit from Venezuela would likely be seen as a major foreign policy gaffe. American companies operating in Venezuela create prosperity and stability for their workers and America is perfectly poised to help the country rebuild after Maduro’s government finally collapses. 
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Ron DeSantis: Unemployment Rate Continues to Drop in Florida, Lowest Since March 2006

Florida continues to do better than the national average. The unemployment rate across the nation stood at 3.5 percent last month. 
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Ron DeSantis: Florida Continues to Outpace the Nation on Jobs

At the end of last week, Gov. Ron DeSantis announced the unemployment rate remained at 3.3 percent in Florida over August, below the national average of 3.7 percent.
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Commerce Sec. Wilbur Ross: Trump Administration is Building a Better Economy for Florida and...

Today,‭ ‬I am honored to be in the beautiful city of Jacksonville while I meet with local business leaders from Duval and Nassau Counties to hear their thoughts on the direction of the nation...
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Rick Scott Looks Back at What He Accomplished as Governor of Florida

On Monday, his last full day in office, outgoing Gov. Rick Scott released a public letter outlining her accomplishments during his eights years in Tallahassee.   Florida Legislators and Fellow Floridians: When I ran for Governor of...

Herman Cain: This Economy Isn’t ‘Normal’…and That’s a Good Thing

The latest batch of economic data reveal that, contrary to liberal predictions of a looming recession, the U.S. economy is continuing to build steam after its historic performance in 2018.

Unemployment Rate in Florida Held Steady in August

Florida saw 20,000 new private sector jobs in August but the state’s unemployment rate remained at 3.7 percent, the same as it was in July.