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Democrats Want to Expand Florida’s Red Flag Law After Mass Shootings in Texas and...

In the aftermath of the mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton this past weekend, two Democrats in the Florida Legislature are renewing the fight for a “red flag” law--and citing prominent Republicans in their effort.

Donald Trump’s in Great Shape to Squash Any GOP Primary Challenger in Florida

President Donald Trump is in excellent shape with Florida Republicans, a new poll shows--and that could be good news for him as he gears up for a second term. 
President Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s Visit to Panama City Kicks Off 2020 Race in Florida

With the Florida Legislature ready to pass the budget and go home, the political spotlight in the Sunshine State turns to next year’s presidential race--and President Donald Trump is raring to go.

Dennis Baxley Introduces Fetal Heartbeat Bill in Florida Senate

“It’s time for us to face our history of the last 46 years and the 60 million faces of our offspring that we have extinguished,” Baxley, who once led the Florida Christian Coalition, said. “The heartbeat has always been the clear signal of the presence of life, and that life must be protected.” 

John Kasich Inches Closer to Third Presidential Bid

Kasich has kept up a drumbeat of criticism against Trump which picked up after the midterm elections.

Donald Trump Wins Big in Florida on Election Day

The Trump administration had all hands on deck in Florida to close out the campaign.