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Ashley Moody’s Crime Reporting Tip Line Goes Nationwide

Crime Stoppers USA joined Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody on Monday to announce that Florida’s statewide crime reporting tip line will be used nationwide. Moody launched **TIPS in October of 2020 to bring uniformity and...
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Shaquille O’Neal Endorses Orange County Sheriff John Mina

O’Neal has also been involved with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office over the years, supporting its programs and even doing some training under multiple sheriffs.
Jerry Demings

Jerry Demings Blames Coronavirus, Not Looters or Protests, for Curfew

Orange County will be shut down between the hours of 10 pm and 5 am. The curfew began Sunday night and will run indefinitely.

Linda Stewart’s Bills Taking Aim at Indecent Exposure, Rapists of Underage Victims Gain Momentum

“We know that when violators get away with this type of act, they often feel emboldened to continue,” said Stewart. “We want to give law enforcement the tools they need in order to stop this type of behavior in its tracks.”

Proposal Cracking Down on Indecent Exposure Gains Momentum in Tallahassee

“Under current law, a violation is considered a misdemeanor, meaning law enforcement cannot obtain an arrest warrant for a suspect. This requires law enforcement to catch a violator in the act in order to arrest,” Stewart’s office noted.

Ashley Moody Ready to Take On Human Traffickers as Florida Hosts Pro Bowl, Super...

Moody said Florida is about to see increased human trafficking. The key to cracking down on it will be enlisting the public’s help.  In particular, law enforcement has been working with truckers. Moody said that interstate highways are the main arteries to bring victims into the state.

Linda Stewart Brings Out Bill to Protect Children From Obscene Conduct

State Sen. Linda Stewart, D-Orlando, continued her efforts to crack down on indecent exposure last week, bringing out a bill which she insists “would protect children from obscene conduct, and improve prosecution of offenders.”

Orlando Ditches Facial Recognition Technology

The program from Amazon is called Rekognition and the city has twice tested the technology. The first trial run went from December 2017 to June 2018.
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Orlando Campaign Operative Charged with Grand Theft

The political operative is accused of taking two blank checks meant to pay for mailers and making them out to his wife, then cashing them.