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joe biden pointing to income tax rule book

Julio Gonzalez Opinion: Biden’s IRS Auditor Army Will Disrupt Economic Recovery

The Biden administration’s decision to recruit nearly 90,000 new IRS auditors could have a chilling effect on small businesses and economic growth, permanently impeding our nation’s ability to recover from its current economic malaise. As...

Julio Gonzalez: Joe Biden Won’t Get Away With Ignoring Latino Voices

Recently, nearly 100 field organizers for Joe Biden’s presidential campaign issued a warning that he is “suppressing” the Hispanic vote in Florida by disregarding local voices and concerns. According to the leaked letter, the campaign is squandering Hispanic staffers with deep connections to their local communities by sending them to other parts of the state.

Julio Gonzalez: Florida Is In For a Rapid Economic Recovery — The Numbers Prove...

Although the coronavirus has obviously been a massive setback to our country’s economic fortunes, with the continued steady leadership of Trump and like-minded governors such as DeSantis, our economic fortunes have nowhere to go but up.

Julio Gonzalez: President Donald Trump Can Take Credit for the Great Florida Comeback

The Sunshine State is finally back in business after years of stagnation and uncertainty — and Florida’s future is blazing brighter than ever thanks to Donald Trump’s rejuvenating policies. 

Julio Gonzalez: The Results Are In: Florida Hispanics Don’t Want to Impeach President Donald...

As the Democrats drive headlong towards impeachment, Florida Hispanics are making it clear that they do not support them, and as the process moves forward, it will only drive more Hispanic voters into the president’s arms.

Julio Gonzalez: Florida is Open for Business and Booming as Americans Flee States Run...

Florida has always attracted plenty of snowbirds, but now that American taxpayers are no longer footing the bill for subsidies to states with sky-high tax rates, this is becoming a more attractive destination for full-time residents than ever before.

Julio Gonzalez: Two Terms is All President Donald Trump Needs to Ensure American Greatness

President Trump won't need more than two terms in office — his policies will ensure American prosperity for years after.
President Donald Trump

Julio Gonzalez: Florida Latinos Can Secure an Even Brighter Future in 2020 With Donald...

Hispanic voters have to make an important choice in the upcoming presidential election — we can either support a man whose policies have brought us unprecedented prosperity or back a political party that will actively work to undermine our success.