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Kirk Ray Smith: ‘Monsters’ Under My Bed

Let me share a story about a man who could not sleep throughout the night for many years because of a recurring fear. During the daytime, while at work or doing activities, things were...

Kirk Ray Smith: Loving Our Kids to Death

"Let’s face it: real life is a struggle. Most of us face trials and tribulations on a daily basis. Are we being fair to our kids by robbing them of the opportunity to learn how to respond to these challenges on their own?"

Kirk Ray Smith: Flaws Make Us Human, Not Evil

The reality is that anyone who appears to be perfect and without blemish can be dangerous, as they are inauthentic, which makes them unsustainable.

Kirk Ray Smith: Outside of the Village

Being outside of the village can be the safest place to be and put you in the perfect position to help the very same people who asked you to leave! 

Kirk Ray Smith: The Pursuit of Happiness

I’ve yet to meet a single person who does not want to be happy, or at least achieve some degree of happiness. We all like being happy and experiencing feelings of joy and satisfaction;...
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Kirk Ray Smith: Getting Past the Past

I have advised others not to be hard on themselves by allowing past challenges and disappointments to frustrate them or control their future. While this remains an essential ethos of my value system, when it comes to societal history, however, we must remind ourselves of the past and have the courage to face the ugly truth, no matter how difficult.