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Jeanette Nunez

Jeanette Nuñez Gets Ready to Hit the National Stage in Support of Donald Trump

Nuñez will be one of the speakers on Tuesday at the Republican National Convention, a major change from 2016 when she ripped him on Twitter. 

Katrina Campins: Latinas Have a Bright Future Under Trump

"This crisis has been hard on working people, but President Donald Trump has already begun to plan for reviving the economy — something he’s successfully accomplished once before."

John Pence: Florida Latinos Can Trust Donald Trump to Defeat the Democrats’ Socialist Agenda

Since his first day in office, Donald Trump has stood on the side of freedom and democracy, both here in the United States and abroad — especially in Latin America. To combat the creeping forces of socialism, he has crafted a foreign policy that aggressively confronts authoritarian regimes in Latin America that suppress their own people and violate human rights.
Jeanette Nunez

Florida Lt. Governor Jeanette Nuñez Tries to Rally Latinos Behind Donald Trump

As one of the leaders of Latinos for Trump effort, Florida Lt. Gov. Jeanette Nuñez is reading to back the president in the Sunshine State.

News From Around Florida

Democrats trending poorly in Florida, pundit notes, Darryl Rouson files bill to protect gay students attending private schools, and a Jacksonville City Councilman insists prayers before meetings are too political.
mike pence

Mike Pence, Jeanette Nuñez Launch Latinos for Trump

Vice President Mike Pence was in Miami to launch Latinos for Trump which champions the president’s record and agenda within local communities and will work to identify supporters, empower activists, and help to deliver the president’s message of ‘Promises Made, Promises Kept’ across the country.”