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Ron Desantis

In Regards to Hurricane Dorian, Ron DeSantis Proved Up to the Task

With Hurricane Dorian now in Florida’s rearview mirror, Gov. Ron DeSantis appears to have passed a major test with flying colors.

Ron DeSantis Turns to Leading Florida Republicans to Lead Transition Team

DeSantis is also turning to some members of his own team to lead the transition effort.

Ron DeSantis Beats Andrew Gillum to Become Florida’s Next Governor

After their loss on Tuesday night, the Democrats have not won a Florida gubernatorial election since 1994 when then Gov. Lawton Chiles held off Republican Jeb Bush. 

Andrew Gillum Ahead of Ron DeSantis in FAU Poll

The Florida Atlantic University Business and Economics Polling Initiative (FAU BEPI) unveiled a poll of likely voters on Tuesday afternoon which showed Gillum with 41.4 percent followed by DeSantis with 36.7 percent. But unlike most other recent polls, the FAU poll shows a large segment of voters--17.5 percent--still undecided.

Down in the Polls, Ron DeSantis Needs to Stop the Bleeding With Independents

DeSantis needs to get in gear and win back some of those independents from Gillum and the economy remains his best card to play. He’s going to have to step up his efforts if he wants to keep the governorship of the largest swing state in the nation in the GOP’s hands.