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Florida Delegation Backs Granting TPS to Venezuelans in the U.S.

The Florida delegation applauded the news which is expected to impact around 300,000 Venezuelans in the U.S.

Rick Scott Urges Jair Bolsonaro to Not Include Huawei as Brazil Looks to Set...

Companies that allow Huawei into their networks risk their national security and give Communist China direct access to the most sensitive data of their citizens, including medical records, financial information, and social media accounts.
sean spicer

Sean Spicer: President Trump Should Not Risk American Jobs, Energy Security By Sanctioning U.S....

Forcing America’s exit from Venezuela would likely be seen as a major foreign policy gaffe. American companies operating in Venezuela create prosperity and stability for their workers and America is perfectly poised to help the country rebuild after Maduro’s government finally collapses. 

Steve Forbes: The US Leaving Venezuela’s Oil Sector Only Benefits Russia and China

Some U.S, government officials are pressuring American businesses to pull out of Venezuela in the noble effort to oust the murderous and illegitimate regime of “President” Nicolas Maduro. But in the case of U.S....

Rick Scott Continues to Push the Peace Corps to Get Out of China

The Peace Corps has rejected U.S. Sen. Rick Scott’s, R-Fla., call to end operations in China and refocus them in the Bahamas which were devastated by Hurricane Dorian last month. Back in July, Dr. Jody...