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AAA: Gas Prices Dropping in Florida But Don’t Expect This to Last

Gas prices continue to drop across Florida but AAA warns that rising oil prices could mean they will be going up in the new year. 

December Sees the Lowest Gas Prices in Florida Has Seen in 16 Months

Mark Jenkins, a spokesman for AAA and the Auto Club Group, offered some insights on why gas prices in Florida and across the nation are dropping. 

Gas Prices in Florida Reach the Lowest They’ve Been in 2018

Mark Jenkins, a spokesman for AAA and the Auto Club Group, said he expected prices to drop into December. 

AAA: Gas Prices Will Continue to Drop in Florida Over Thanksgiving Week

Even as Florida enters the busiest travel period of the year, gas prices continue to drop in Florida, a study from AAA shows. 

AAA: Gas Prices Falling in Florida Just in Time for Thanksgiving Travel Season

“Motorists have enjoyed falling gas prices during the past month, and it appears prices are about to move even lower,” AAA reported. “The price of oil plummeted by more than $4 per barrel today. Tuesday's daily settlement of $55.69 per barrel is the lowest since November 2017.”

Gas Prices Continue to Drop in Florida, Should Lower for Thanksgiving

According to the report from AAA, gas prices in Florida have moved down for five weeks in a row, lowering a quarter during that period. 

Gas Prices in Florida Reach a Seven Month Low

On Monday, AAA released a report finding the average gallon of unleaded in Florida cost $2.64 on Sunday, well below the national average of $2.77 a gallon and 6 cents lower than the start of last week. Gas prices have dropped for 26 days in a row in Florida, lowering 18 cents over that period.