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Marco Rubio Starts With a Slight Edge in 2022 Senate Race, Poll Finds

Mason Dixon released a poll on Wednesday showing 46 percent of Florida voters prefer to keep Rubio in the U.S. Senate while 40 percent are ready for a change and 14 percent are not sure. 

Florida TaxWatch Poll Shows Floridians Want COVID-19 Liability Protection for Businesses, Healthcare Providers

Mason Dixon took a poll for Florida TaxWatch which indicates Floridians strongly support COVID-19 business and healthcare liability protections by 72 percent and 74 percent, respectively.

Florida Up for Grabs in November, New Poll Shows

Mason Dixon released a poll of likely voters in Florida on Thursday showing Biden’s lead within the margin of error as he takes 50 percent with Trump right behind him with 46 percent and 4 percent of voters as undecided.  

Ron DeSantis Ends 2019 in Great Shape According to New Poll

Mason Dixon released a poll on Friday morning which shows DeSantis gets high marks from Florida voters as 65 percent of them approve of him while only 26 percent disapprove and 9 percent are not sure. A Mason Dixon poll from March found 62 percent of those surveyed approved of DeSantis while 24 percent disapproved and 12 percent were not sure. 

Florida Leaning Against Impeaching Donald Trump, New Poll Shows

On Wednesday, Mason Dixon released a poll of registered voters in Florida which shows half of those surveyed--50 percent--think Trump should not be impeached while 46 percent want to impeach him.
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Mike Pence, Jeanette Nuñez Launch Latinos for Trump

Vice President Mike Pence was in Miami to launch Latinos for Trump which champions the president’s record and agenda within local communities and will work to identify supporters, empower activists, and help to deliver the president’s message of ‘Promises Made, Promises Kept’ across the country.”
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Florida Hispanics Focused on Immigration, Economy and Healthcare as 2020 Election Begins

Hispanic voters are front and center this week as Telemundo hosts 20 contenders for the Democratic presidential nomination and two rounds of debates while Vice President Mike Pence launches Latinos for Trump in Miami.

Ron DeSantis in Excellent Shape in Latest Mason Dixon Poll

A new poll shows Gov. Ron DeSantis in excellent shape with Florida voters. Mason Dixon released a poll on Thursday morning which finds 62 percent of voters in the Sunshine State approve of DeSantis while...