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Marco Rubio Starts Out Ahead of Val Demings in Florida Senate Poll

U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., starts his bid for a third term ahead of U.S. Rep. Val Demings, D-Fla., a new poll shows. Mason Dixon released a poll on Wednesday morning which shows Rubio backed...

Florida TaxWatch Poll Shows Floridians Want COVID-19 Liability Protection for Businesses, Healthcare Providers

Mason Dixon took a poll for Florida TaxWatch which indicates Floridians strongly support COVID-19 business and healthcare liability protections by 72 percent and 74 percent, respectively.

Biden and Trump Are Running Close in Florida, New Mason-Dixon Poll Finds

“Florida is a ‘must-win’ state for any Republican presidential candidate, as a path to 270 electoral votes is virtually impossible to reach without the 29 from the Sunshine State. It is obvious that Trump can’t afford to lose here,” the pollster noted.

Coronavirus Hurting Ron DeSantis, New Poll Finds

Mason Dixon released a poll of Florida voters on Friday which found almost half of those surveyed--49 percent--disapprove of DeSantis’ performance as governor while 45 percent approve of him. This is a major drop from December when a Mason Dixon poll showed 65 percent of Florida voters approved of the governor.

Donald Trump Ahead of Most Democrats in Florida With Joe Biden as the One...

A new poll shows former Vice President Joe Biden barely ahead of President Donald Trump in the swing state of Florida but the Republican bests other Democratic candidates. 

Florida Backs Ron DeSantis’ Efforts to Let Patients Smoke Medical Marijuana

Mason Dixon released a poll on Thursday showing most Floridians--66 percent--do not think the state has done enough to implement Amendment 2 while 15 percent think it has and 19 are not sure.

Ron DeSantis in Excellent Shape in Latest Mason Dixon Poll

A new poll shows Gov. Ron DeSantis in excellent shape with Florida voters. Mason Dixon released a poll on Thursday morning which finds 62 percent of voters in the Sunshine State approve of DeSantis while...

Donald Trump Treading Water in Florida, New Poll Shows

Mason Dixon released a poll on Thursday morning which shows President Donald Trump getting mixed marks in the Sunshine State. 

Gwen Graham Looks to Nail Down North Florida With New TV Spot

The ad features Graham’s tenure as a PTA president and her father, former U.S. Sen. and Gov. Bob Graham, D-Fla.