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Peter Flaherty: Corporate America Should Stay Out of Abortion

The Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade is triggering a predictable reaction from various “woke” corporations – or, perhaps more accurately, from corporations intimidated by woke activists and employees. They should stay out of...

Marco Rubio on SolarWinds Hack: ‘Many Concerning Aspects to This Operation That Raise Significant...

On Tuesday, the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence convened an open hearing to examine the SolarWinds hack.

UF’s Math Nation Digital Platform Expanding to Help More Grades With Help From Microsoft

In response to the swift transition to distance learning due to COVID-19, the platform was made free to any school in the country through August 31, 2020, providing 24-hour access to thousands of free instructional videos and on-demand support for middle and high school mathematics. With this additional funding, Math Nation developers will build adaptive learning tools aimed at helping students prepare for the rigor of secondary mathematics.

Ron DeSantis Showcases Commitment to STEM Education in Florida

On Monday, DeSantis was at Ridgecrest Elementary School in Pinellas County to showcase STEM education, including visiting a camp run by Pinellas County School District’s STEM Academies program.

Ashley Moody Ramps Up Florida’s Efforts Against Tech Support Scams

Moody announced the Consumer Protection Division “took action in three separate cases to shutdown tech support scams operating in Florida—with the latest court action filed today during National Consumer Protection Week.”